Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Have a big ol' list of names

Arstasia Vennebore
Cadwalader Pigeon
Honoria Matchlock
Vornimand Rudwich
Bixby Scrope
Balthazar Slyne
Antimony Olgamesh
Optric Lasswise
Perfidia Gripe
Artorius Conger
Eustacia Pike
Melchior Hogwife
Cathaspar Parable
Llelai Corcorine
Trobart Pinafore
Robilard Panzelkonse
Yolanda Gryneleigh
Harcourt Pulm-Otho
Anophelia Moncour
Wintershaw Saxe
Uther Maeliapter
Anharawd Possett
Romula Ludd
Boggart Vandernoir
Pruntby Lumpwaste
Casternigh Prawn
Arbroast Torque
Jane Cacotope
Augusta Weremaid
Jormund Lackavarn
Havilard Babbinger
Desdemona Prax
Llophelia Coelemoulian

Most or all of these have graced the various NPCs from Keep on the Borderlands, as well as serving as names for a PC or two.

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