Friday, 20 January 2012

5 Taverns

A selection of taverns, designed in preparation for some urban-crawling.
  • The Smiling Chirurgeon: under-lit and fairly raucous. Strange mix of bohemian types and ordinary working-class folk. A one-eyed Jackwellian Priest is conducting an enthusiastically heckled & praised lecture on why wigs are sinful.
  • The Provost’s Head: philosopher/academic’s pub. A sage at the bar is looking for someone to help him look for a lost artefact that will prove his theory on the nature of ancient civilisations. Barman  is a cheery Dickensian figure.
  • The Well: front for smuggling operation, filled Star Wars cantina-like with all manner of weird people and species. Barman is heavily tattooed and fiercely bearded
  • The Orc and Cockerel: dusty tavern frequented by down-on-their-luck thieves, predominantly. Barmaid knows a hex which she can be persuaded to teach a PC if they can help her with a bit of trouble she’s in. One of the thieves at the bar has a map leading to a treasure that he can’t get to on his own.
  • Mangler’s: orcish smoke parlour. Caters mostly to an orc clientele, serves harsh rotgut and specialises in smoking crabs. Cellar leads to a fungal garden, barman is a 2nd-level barbarian.


  1. I nice and eclectic group of taverns.

    1. I figure pubs, by virtue of their being adventurer-magnets, are pretty good places to stick the seeds of adventures. Especially if your players, like mine, are absolutely terrible at finding adventure.