Tuesday, 17 January 2012

By way of introduction: A Ramble

I suppose I need to introduce this blog and what I'll be doing on it? That's typically useful, so I'll give it a go:

I'm a student-type individual and artist, and I write quite a fair amount of nonsense related to fantasy role-playing games, mostly as a way of a warming-up before writing assignments, and even the occasional actual game-with-real-players affair. Over the past few months, I've accumulated a decent store of hastily-written setting notes and ambitious, impractical ideas that I have decided to share with the Internet and the many strangers on it.

My gaming credentials are of ignoble pedigree, as I grew up playing the third edition (3e, Type III) of D&D, but a couple of years ago came to the realisation that dictionary-length tomes of feats and skills and classes with un-rememorable abilities was acting more as a barrier to fun than a means towards it, and so have been jettisoning chunks of the system like a sinking dirigible looses sandbags, turning to older versions of the game for inspiration. I now play mostly with a jumbled, chimeric set of rules cribbed from 3e and Holmes Basic and the odd internet source.

So that's about it, I think. Expect crude pastiches of real-world history and maybe a sketch or two.

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