Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hippogriff replacement, anyone?

I've been asked to try running Pathfinder using one of their 'adventure paths' (Curse of the Crimson Throne, namely), and although Korvosa, the city the campaign is set in, is basically workable and acceptable there are a number of places where a little tweaking would improve things immensely.

There is one thing, however, that really rubs me the wrong way in terms of personal preference and properly fitting in with the setting as I see it: the elite city guard all ride about on hippogriffs. And I, for the record, cannot stand hippogriffs; like griffons and pegasuses, hippogriffs are visually speaking terrible, as they are really back-heavy. The wings are placed up at the shoulder, leaving two thirds of the animal that should be dangling like dead weight but typically are instead bearing a rider. I'm not one for true ultimate realism in my fantasy, but compositionally flying horse monsters are just wrong. Also, the combination of bird and horse is really uninspiring.

So, anyway, I'm looking for a monster (or other conveyance or vehicle) for the guards to use, and I'm looking to those few stalwart internet-folks whom I count as readers for suggestions. It needs to fly, because the railroady plot requires flying law enforcement at some point, I'm pretty sure. Flavour-wise, I'm looking for something a bit Lankhmar-y, or like it could be used in MiƩville's New Crobuzon. A flying steed for grimy, London-esque streets.


  1. Moebius-esque pterodactyl creature?

    1. Good call. I had thought of Dinotopia-style pterosaurs, but Moebius is a way better idea.

  2. Giant crows!

    Phantom steeds (like horses made from purple smoke, shot through with stars, vanish into a bottle when not in use)!

    Freaky faerie horses with scales. They don't fly but they can JUMP like HOLY SHIT and cast feather fall on themselves at will.