Friday, 3 February 2012

A very simple random table

A bit of prep for an adventure I'm working on. This is pretty basic, but should work out well with my players.

Why Am I In This Dungeon?
  1. Recovering the lost pet of the Dowager Countess of Groanborough
  2. Keeping an eye on another PC
  3. Community Service by order of the Lord High Executioner
  4. Dissatisfied in current line of work
  5. Ancestral Quest
  6. Looking for lost relative/loved one
  7. Financial difficulties
  8. Hunting for a relic by command of the Lord Mayor
  9. In search of a legendary beast
  10. Fame and Glory
  11. Avenging dead relative
  12. Ill-advised bet made whilst drunk
  13. On the run from the law
  14. Scientific research
  15. Investigating at the behest of a foreign nation
  16. Looking for rare ingredient
  17. Tourist
  18. Recovering your stolen property
  19. Shadily paid to explore it by a man in a pub
  20. Hopelessly lost

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